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This is the story of Spainbirds

If you are reading these words we are quite sure that firstly, you are interested in the fascinating world of the birds, and secondly, you enjoy traveling to watch them.

Just as an introduction, Spainbirds Nature Tours took its first steps in Spring 1999. As with many new projects starting up was not an easy issue and we had to overcome various problems of a differing nature. We were however, lucky enough to start in the tourism industry at the same time that Internet experienced a huge surge in development. This allowed us to access distant markets without having to outlay costly investments.

After participating in the British Birdwatching Fair for 11 consecutive years, considered by many as the most important birdwatching event in the whole world, we managed to show to potential clients that ours was a local, responsible and serious option to organize their birding and wildlife holidays in Spain. Besides receiving our own first guests through our always effective web site, we soon started to extend our network of partners, working closely with some bird clubs (S.E. Hertfordshire, Brooks Bird Club…) and specialist tour operators from different corners of Europe and North America. We can proudly say that we have been organizing and leading trips for most of the top UK and American birding companies such as Victor Emanuel Nature Tours, Wings, Sunbird, The Travelling Naturalist, Wildside Nature Tours or Heatherlea, just to mention some that still operate today.

In addition, our experience and reputation led us to run the trips organized by SEO/BirdLife (the Spanish branch of BirdLife International) between June 2007 and December 2012. During this period, we not only reached the main and priority aims in terms of environmental education demanded by the organization, but we managed to establish a new model of birdwatching and outdoors activities, including their first ever program of overseas tours, very well received by its members and followers.

Spainbirds Nature Tours is currently running a wide selection of birdwatching breaks trying to adapt our offer to any kind of traveler keen on approaching wildlife in general and birds in particular. Consequently, in our Spanish brochure you can find highly affordable short breaks for big groups (all ages and levels welcome), enabling you to take part in a birding experience led by a professional bird guide. Although these are mainly trips designed for beginners, we are also able to cover the highest expectations of keen birders offering private trips, 7-day tours to the main Spanish bird sanctuaries and hotspots and also overseas holidays. Amongst the countries that we have included in our brochure are Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey or Kazakhstan… and almost annual visits to Scotland, Romania, Norway, Finland, Estonia, The Netherlands, Morocco, Uganda, The Gambia, Costa Rica and India. In 2021 we will be discovering new destinations like Panama, Lithuania, Brazil and Ethiopia.

In June 2020 we celebrated our 20th Anniversary, the most emotive and endearing event since we started our particular “journey”. Nearly 150 guests and now friends joined us in the Gredos Mountains for an unforgettable weekend while basing ourselves in the charming Hostal Almanzor surrounded by the real support of our company: our travelers.

We continue to move forward facing new challenges, making a powerful compromise with the Environment and the respect for Nature our flagship. It only remains for us to thank you for placing your trust in Spainbirds Nature Tours and to wish you many fruitful wildlife trips crammed full of unforgettable experiences. And we’ll be there ourselves, binoculars primed, in the thick of the action.

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