About Us

This last June we celebrated our 20th anniversary! Looking back and after working hard it is being a dream for our team that a small project called “Spainbirds” is still successfully organizing wildlife holidays for a numerous bird and nature enthusiasts from all over the planet. Besides continuing running trips around our beloved country Spain (Extremadura, Doñana, Pyrenees, Picos…), and keeping our annual trip to Morocco (indeed as our second home!), we will be shortly offering for the very first time a selection of overseas tours which have been widely and positively welcomed already by our Spanish guests. In fact, we have been organizing birding trips abroad since 2008 after a first unforgettable trip to North East Argentina. Since then we can proudly say that we have organized birding holidays to Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, The Gambia, Uganda, Morocco, Turkey, Kazakhstan, India, Armenia, Georgia, Poland, Romania, Belarus, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Scotland, Bulgaria and The Netherlands. And we are pretty sure we will include new and exciting destinations in a near future… then if you are a keen traveler and are looking for alternatives to organize your birding holidays we will be pleased to help you.

We highly recommend to visit our social network profiles for keeping you properly informed about where we are going and, over all, what we are planning for the coming seasons. You can also receive our annual e-newsletter if you send us your email address and name, we promise you not to bombard with lots of emails!

We would like to remind all travellers that Spainbirds Nature Tours has been the first birding tour agent accredited by the Spanish Tourist Board with number CICMA 2517. This code allows us to operate under all international tourism regulations thus assuring all our clients the highest level of protection during their holidays.

It only remains for us to thank you for placing your trust in Spainbirds Nature Tours and to wish you many fruitful wildlife trips crammed with unforgettable experiences. And we’ll be there ourselves, binoculars primed, in the thick of the action.

Photos from our 20th anniversary party celebrated in Hostal Almanzor (Gredos), June 2019


1. Our experience speaks for itself

Spainbirds Nature Tours has been successfully designing and leading birding & nature tours since 1999, it is currently the top birdwatching company in Spain and is the first accredited birding tour agent by the Spanish Tourist Board. Our reputation led to reach into an agreement in 2007 to with SEO/BirdLife (the equivalent in Spain to the RSPB or the ABA) to organize all the tours run by their central office in Madrid, including all international expeditions until December 2012. We have also worked for several RSPB groups and other ornithological clubs (S.E. Hertfordshire, Bristol, Brooks Bird Club…), the American Birding Association (ABA), and for some of the best well known companies such as Sunbird, Wings, Heatherlea, The Travelling Naturalist, Wildside Nature Tours or Victor Emanuel Nature Tours.

2. Local knowledge

Spainbirds Nature Tours is a Spanish tour agent which only uses professional and multi-lingual (English – Spanish) local guides on its tours… because there is not better knowledge than local knowledge!

3. You will be supporting local conservation projects

Spainbirds Nature Tours has been supporting SEO/BirdLife in their campaign to protect the environment and birds of Extremadura. We have also made donations to modify some of the more dangerous electrical installations for threatened species such as the Spanish Imperial Eagle and the Great Bustard, and made donations to support the Bald Ibis Project run by SEO/BirdLife in Morocco. On our 15th anniversary we donated 1,150 € to AMUS, a local wildlife hospital which operates in Extremadura and in 2017 we newly donate a substantial amount to this local organization to protect the Little Bustard, species which has suffer a dramatic decline in our country in the last 10 years.

4. Professional services

It is highly important to make sure that traveler is arranging services of totally legal companies, please ask the company you are planning to arrange your holiday if it has all the corresponding permits to operate in the area chosen and don’t hesitate to ask for the invoice of your payment where VAT (taxes) must be also included into the price. All Spanish companies or foreign agents offering packed holidays operating in Spain as a base must show a CIC code on their web sites, leaflets or brochures. Otherwise you might be unprotected in case of any contingency before or during your holidays.

5. Small parties

Our small groups of not more than 7 participants + 1 leader (and max. of 14 + 2 leaders) guarantee personal attention during the whole tour and the chances to see target species are higher than traveling with larger groups or non-experience leaders. 

6. We guarantee all our tours with a minimum of 4 participants!

And a tour will never be cancelled once client has booked their flights in spite of getting a smaller party of travelers!

7. High quality accommodation

We carefully choose charming rural cottages and small good quality hotels close to the main birding spots in all our tours. All meals are included in our prices, breakfast, “tapas” lunches and traditional evening meals plus local red wine are daily in the menu.

8. All levels of wildlifers are welcome!

Relaxed tours but with an extremely high success rate in finding the main specialities of every region. You can find a few trip reports on this web site and plenty of details about where we are traveling and what we are seeing through our Facebook profile!

9. Transport

We always travel in modern and comfortable aircon 9-seat minibuses (or smaller vehicles depending on total number of participants). Our company owns two of these vehicles, but we might hire extra cars if required.

10. Prices

Considering all high quality of the accommodation selected, local food, ground transport and guide services our prices are still lower than other companies. SPAINBIRDS NATURE TOURS OFFERS YOU MORE AT A LOWER PRICE!!!

11. Booking a SBNT trip is easy!

Travellers usually book their tours through a bank transfer but you are also welcome to pay by CREDIT CARD. For booking your tour please visit the BOOKING section of this web site and don’t forget to fully complete the corresponding FORM.